Rock N Roll Marathon San Diego Review

This is a fantastic race and a fantastic experience.

People really love to join this marathon not only because of the experience they are acquiring in this event but because of the high quality features that this event has. This is a spectacular and very organized event that provides people with thrilling races that challenge their body. People are really impressed with how this race was organized since no irregularities can be observed during the actual event.

People are also amazed with the great crowd as well as expo of this race. The bands were really amazing and every station has water for people who wanted to suppress their thirst. Regardless of how long and tiring the activity is, smiles can still be observed to every racer’s face because of the achievement that they’ve received after finishing the race.

They need not to worry about the weather on the particular day of the marathon since organizers are really assuring that the weather would be perfect for people to run. They are organizing the event properly and ahead of time to ensure that everything would be perfect for the race, thus people are really impressed with this matter.

Fun and excitement can always be experienced in this type of race. This is one of the reasons why more and more people are getting interested to participating in Rock N Roll Marathon. Joining this race can be very exciting and fun that people should not miss.

Akron Marathon Review

Selected as one of the 50 Great Marathons in 2005, and one of the Top 10 “Newer” Marathons in 2008, Akron Marathon continues to be a very popular and successful marathon.

Many runners have different experiences in participating to this great event. “Overall, a great experience,” one of the runners noted. People who participate in the race will also enjoy a bonus of a free pair of shoes as they finish the race. Those who want to stay in shape are also participating as part of a relay team. They had great experience in completing the marathon.

The challenges, the gratifications, and the pleasant experiences that the marathon brings are some of the best things that most people love about Akron.  Those who want to achieve something more and set new goals are deciding to the run the Akron Marathon. This also helped them extend their horizon and get the most of their running experience.

Chicago Marathon Review

How can you go wrong? OK, there was one bad year without water, but really, it is a wonderful event! It is a fast course, typically great weather and one of the most magnificent and wonderful cities in the world. All participants can also enjoy the full support of many spectators throughout the event.

“Chicago Marathon is my favorite marathon,” one runner that has run dozens of marathons simply put it. Many athletes and runners from all parts of the country enjoyed the race and the great experience it offers. The support of the crowd was really wonderful, adding to the overall enjoyment of runners.

For runners who want to take their performance to higher levels can form a team and then participate in the team competition. “By participating in the team competition, I was able to value the importance of teamwork,” one participant says. This is actually open to all runners or teams.

Many runners and athletes from different parts of the country enjoy their wonderful experience in participating in the great race. The course is amazing and the weather makes it more wonderful.

New Jersey Marathon Review

The New Jersey Marathon course is an urban & oceanfront run, making it a fun venue for a marathon that is a great addition to anybody’s marathon “to do” list.  The course is relatively flat where you can find a great supply of aid along the course.  The residents of the community do a great job supporting and hosting this racing event.

Past reviews included the following from previous races - “This is a 2 loop course that takes you along the oceanfront, through neighborhoods and commercial districts. Flat and fast, plenty of spectators and well stocked aid stations. Nice tech shirt, hat and medal.” This positive comment only goes to show that this event is truly something that you have to go for.

Marine Corps Marathon Review

The Marine Corps Marathon can be considered as one of the biggest running events in the country. The military support, cheering and organization is amazing. It gives you a wonderful opportunity to run on the nation’s capital with the support of lots of marines. This is definitely an exciting run with just some minor downsides. The biggest downside is the registration process and trying to get into this very popular event.

With regards to the course of the Marine Corps Marathon, it was relatively excellent and flat. You will run around the monuments all over the place. A lot of runners who participated in this event generally gave positive comment. They have been singing praises most especially when it comes to the course of the marathon. Here is one of the reviews written by a participant. “MCM is a wonderful experience and you need to know what you’re getting yourself into. There are a lot of runners and a whole bunch of spectators. Think of it as an “event” instead of a race. I wouldn’t call it a fast course, but if you want a large Marathon with lots going on and spectacular views, this is a great one.”

When you decide on this marathon event, you will have the opportunity to see all the beautiful sceneries that the place has to offer. In addition, you will also get so many benefits when it comes to your health. Running can help you reduce your stress levels, and it can also help you maintain a fit and well rounded body.

The Marine Corps Marathon has been supported by a lot of spectators and fans for many years. You will be amazed to find out that there are lots of people who come out to support this event every year. You can never go wrong with this event as it offers efficient medical and water station. These are essential aspects that allow you to focus on the race without worrying about anything. All you have to do is to enjoy the race and have another memorable experience.