Akron Marathon Review

Selected as one of the 50 Great Marathons in 2005, and one of the Top 10 “Newer” Marathons in 2008, Akron Marathon continues to be a very popular and successful marathon.

Many runners have different experiences in participating to this great event. “Overall, a great experience,” one of the runners noted. People who participate in the race will also enjoy a bonus of a free pair of shoes as they finish the race. Those who want to stay in shape are also participating as part of a relay team. They had great experience in completing the marathon.

The challenges, the gratifications, and the pleasant experiences that the marathon brings are some of the best things that most people love about Akron.  Those who want to achieve something more and set new goals are deciding to the run the Akron Marathon. This also helped them extend their horizon and get the most of their running experience.

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