Akron Marathon Review

Selected as one of the 50 Great Marathons in 2005, and one of the Top 10 “Newer” Marathons in 2008, Akron Marathon continues to be a very popular and successful marathon.

Many runners have different experiences in participating to this great event. “Overall, a great experience,” one of the runners noted. People who participate in the race will also enjoy a bonus of a free pair of shoes as they finish the race. Those who want to stay in shape are also participating as part of a relay team. They had great experience in completing the marathon.

The challenges, the gratifications, and the pleasant experiences that the marathon brings are some of the best things that most people love about Akron.  Those who want to achieve something more and set new goals are deciding to the run the Akron Marathon. This also helped them extend their horizon and get the most of their running experience.

Los Angeles Marathon Review

Marathon enthusiasts have been running for the Los Angeles Marathon for many years. Perhaps this is a proof that this running event is something to consider. Even though there are some complaints about some of the aspects of the race, it can still be considered as one of the best running events in the country.  This race has gone through many changes over the years with recent years showing vast improvements on the course and organization.  That being said, we did have some runners having less positive feedback throughout the years.

In the 2007 Los Angeles Marathon, there are some runners who complained about the course of the race. One of the runners has even written a review on the event that goes “This marathon was “OK”. I believe they have changed the course since I ran this one, but when I did run it, the course did not go through many nice areas and it was kind of boring (with the exception of going through the areas of the walk of fame). It was well organized, but of all the different marathons I have done (about 8 different), this is the one that I am least likely to run again.”

However, there were also many runners who were satisfied with the event.

In the recent Los Angeles marathons, a lot of runners joined because of the excitement offered by the new race course. The course goes through the beautiful spots that Los Angeles has to offer. The runners go through some of the popular spots in LA such as the Dodger Stadium, Chinatown, Downtown LA, Hollywood Boulevard, Beverly Hills, and Rodeo Drive. There are long inclines and little hills that runners have to go through, which makes the race more fun and exciting.

The Los Angeles Marathon has improved and is a race you should go for if you want to experience more thrill and fun. There are awesome fans and spectators who will support you all the way. There are also efficient water stations and medical stations that ensure your peace of mind. You should now prepare for the next run and have a full blast for a more exciting race.

Cleveland Marathon Review

Every year, Cleveland is attracting more than 20,000 walkers and runners from the different parts of the country and states. Celebrating the marathon’s 37th anniversary in 2014, Cleveland Marathon is one of the oldest and most successful marathons in the United States.

Through the years, Cleveland Marathon has allowed many runners and walkers to achieve their goals.  Their experiences allowed them to boost their confidence and promote their health and fitness.  One participant, who has been running for two years, enjoyed his exceptional experience in Cleveland Marathon. For many years, he has been engaging in different races but has never tried to run in a Marathon. With Cleveland Marathon, he was able to go beyond his horizon and discover new things about himself.

“The course is perfectly organized,” one runner revealed. He also added that the crowds are really great. The first two-thirds of the entire course are scenic with great city views that a lot of people enjoyed. It was truly a great marathon for all runners and walkers.

Many runners have also acknowledged the runner feedback incorporated that helped them express their views and thoughts as well as their experience regarding the race. Most of the run are providing excellent views! There was lots of entertainment on the whole course. Organization was also excellent. They also have great support teams who were also very enthusiastic, excited, and energetic. Cleveland Marathon offers a great experience for all those participants. They experience an enjoyable race for all runners and walkers.