Chicago Marathon Review

How can you go wrong? OK, there was one bad year without water, but really, it is a wonderful event! It is a fast course, typically great weather and one of the most magnificent and wonderful cities in the world. All participants can also enjoy the full support of many spectators throughout the event.

“Chicago Marathon is my favorite marathon,” one runner that has run dozens of marathons simply put it. Many athletes and runners from all parts of the country enjoyed the race and the great experience it offers. The support of the crowd was really wonderful, adding to the overall enjoyment of runners.

For runners who want to take their performance to higher levels can form a team and then participate in the team competition. “By participating in the team competition, I was able to value the importance of teamwork,” one participant says. This is actually open to all runners or teams.

Many runners and athletes from different parts of the country enjoy their wonderful experience in participating in the great race. The course is amazing and the weather makes it more wonderful.

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