Cleveland Marathon Review

Every year, Cleveland is attracting more than 20,000 walkers and runners from the different parts of the country and states. Celebrating the marathon’s 37th anniversary in 2014, Cleveland Marathon is one of the oldest and most successful marathons in the United States.

Through the years, Cleveland Marathon has allowed many runners and walkers to achieve their goals.  Their experiences allowed them to boost their confidence and promote their health and fitness.  One participant, who has been running for two years, enjoyed his exceptional experience in Cleveland Marathon. For many years, he has been engaging in different races but has never tried to run in a Marathon. With Cleveland Marathon, he was able to go beyond his horizon and discover new things about himself.

“The course is perfectly organized,” one runner revealed. He also added that the crowds are really great. The first two-thirds of the entire course are scenic with great city views that a lot of people enjoyed. It was truly a great marathon for all runners and walkers.

Many runners have also acknowledged the runner feedback incorporated that helped them express their views and thoughts as well as their experience regarding the race. Most of the run are providing excellent views! There was lots of entertainment on the whole course. Organization was also excellent. They also have great support teams who were also very enthusiastic, excited, and energetic. Cleveland Marathon offers a great experience for all those participants. They experience an enjoyable race for all runners and walkers.

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