Welcome to MyFavoriteMarathon.com for Marathon Reviews

MyFavoriteMarathon.com launched in 2007 as a site built to share experiences regarding runners favorite marathons.  We had a lot of great reviews that users put a lot of time and consideration into.  As with so many other websites, within a few years spammers got onto the site and made it nearly impossible to manage.  The site was rebuilt to help reduce their impact a couple of years ago, but it just wasn’t the same anymore.  There are lots of great marathon reviews available online already and some great sites to find them all.  So, I decided to go ahead and start over once again.  While I will continue to refine the format as I move forward, I intend to use a compilation of some of the older reviews and add look to add more thorough reviews of specific marathons, rather than short overviews of many marathons.

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